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Back to School Tips for the Visually Impaired

Read these tips from the ADOA Association to make sure our kiddos living with a visual impairment are prepared for their first big week:

1. Learn Landmarks

Pan to visit the school before the first day of classes. Teach your child how to get to their classroom, cafeteria and other frequent locations by showing them landmarks. It's difficult for a child with a vision impairment to learn where things are located while there are crowds of people and chaos surrounding them.

2. Utilize Vision Aids

With the help of your child's eye doctor, determine what vision aids will be best utilized in the classroom. For example, magnifiers and tablets such as iPads can enhance their learning experience.

3. Educate Others

Make sure your child's teachers and other school personnel are aware of your child's vision impairment so they can best accommodate the environment to his or her needs.

Any other questions?

! We are here for help, support and guidance.


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