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The Latest Pup-Date With Our Stability Dog-In-Training

Month 4 of training is complete!

Time seems to pass just as quickly as Winston seems to grow!

Winston is now over 130 lbs (!!!) of pure love and playfulness. He is so tall that his head rests on our countertops and he stands at more than our hip height, with his head almost reaching our shoulders. He enjoys being involved with whatever is happening at our house, he even loves to watch his mom clean the dishes in the sink!

Visually, Winston looks like a full-grown dog. However, he is still a puppy in training learning commands, and getting comfortable being out in public spaces without losing his concentration. 

Recently, we have increased his training sessions to 2x per week to prepare him to be ready for this upcoming school year. We also bring him to places for socialization training, such as in the video below.

Lindsey, founder of the ADOA Association, is walking with Winston through the Mall. While walking, she is mimicking the way that her daughter, Sofia, would Walk with Winston so he gets accustomed to supporting that motion. 

This type of training is performed at home or in the community and is additional to his 2x/week sessions at his trainers.

In the photo above, Winston is at his training session. He is learning where his feet are and how to maneuver his body. He practices and learns by putting his front and back paws on the pad with the trainer's direction.

In this photo, Winston is next to Sofia and practicing listening to her commands such as "lay down", "stay" and "up".

And in the last photo (our favorite one!), Winston is getting and giving love and support mid-training!

We hope you are enjoying seeing Winston's progress as much as we do! Stay tuned for more updates from the ADOA Association, by joining our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @adoaa_association.


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